Live Animals

Live Animals

MICoR Live Animals sets out the known importing country requirements that Australian exporters must comply with to export live animals and reproductive material.

Users do not need a login to see importing country requirements for non-livestock species, including dogs, cats and other companion animals, and reproductive material.

If you wish to see importing country requirements for cattle, sheep, goats, deer, buffalo and camelids users must apply for a login in the grey box at the right of the screen. Applications received are then reviewed by the department to determine whether access will be granted.

MICoR is regularly updated; however, importing countries may change their requirements without notice and may not inform the Department of Agriculture. For this reason, it is important that exporters check requirements directly with the relevant government authority of the importing country.

Exporters must also comply with Australian export legislation, and also requirements of other Australian regulatory agencies such as the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

More information about export requirements for live animals and reproductive material is available at the Support link at the top right of this page.