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Market Access Notices

The following table provides a list and links to PDFs for the live animal Market Access Notices (MANs)*.

See also live animal Export Advisory Notices (EANs).

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MAN 2022-01Changes to Indonesian import permitsIndonesia
Cattle, buffalo
Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter17/03/2022
EAN 2021-16Livestock exports to Vietnam - update on restrictions to ports of entryVietnam
All livestock
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter23/08/2021
EAN 2017-11Requirements for discharge of livestock in IsraelIsrael
All livestock
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter14/09/2017
EAN 2017-02Change to Indonesian RequirementsIndonesia
Cattle, buffalo
EAN 2016-09Vessels discharging at multiple ports (dispensation requirements)All
All livestock
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter20/04/2016
EAN 2015-09Russian Federation - Extension of suspension of trade in Australian agricultural commoditiesRussian Federation
All species and all reproductive material
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter29/06/2015
EAN 2015-03Livestock Exports to Israel - Compilation Letter process changesIsrael
All livestock
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter16/03/2015
EAN 2014-14Amended verification requirements for the export of breeder cattle to ChinaChina
EAN 2013-11New requirements for export of cattle to Indonesia by sea and airIndonesia
Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter29/11/2013
EAN 2010-01Memorandum of Understanding with BahrainBahrain
Cattle, sheep
EAN 2009-05Health status documentation / Export certification - November 2009All
All livestock
Breeder, Feeder, Productive (breeder), Slaughter5/11/2009
EAN 2009-01US bovine embryo protocol and veterinary presence during inseminationUnited States of America
Reproductive material
EAN 2007-06Johne's disease testing protocol for feeder cattle to JapanJapan
* Prior to 2022, Market Access Notices (MANs) were issued as Export Advisory Notices (EANs). To avoid confusion, we have retained the original identification numbers.