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Cattle semen

Country: Kenya

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Special conditions

The semen was collected from bulls held at an Approved Artificial Breeding Centre or from bulls whose semen is licenced for use and distribution at or through such an Approved Artificial Breeding Centre.

It must also be certified that paragraph 3(i) of the Crop Production and Livestock (Cattle Artificial Insemination) Rules is complied with-
.No person shall distribute or sell bull semen except under
the authority of a licence issued by the Director and in
accordance with such conditions, if any, as may be attached

Permit requirements

Department of Veterinary Services
Veterinary Research Laboratory
Ministry of Agriculture - Animal Husbandry

Port of entry requirements

The consignment is accompanied by a certificate signed by a Veterinary Officer of the Government of Australia.

Transport requirements

The semen must be consigned to the-
Central Artificial Insemination Station
PO Box 23070
Lower Kabete

Health certification

The district or area from which the semen is derived is free and has been free since the date of collection from any disease of cattle notifiable by law to the appropriate authorities.

The bulls from which the semen was collected were in the opinion of the veterinary officer free at the time of collection from-
.any other transmissable venereal disease

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