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Cattle semen

Country: Papua New Guinea

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Port of entry requirements

Each consignment must be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin from the Approved Artificial Breeding Centre and by a certificate signed by a Government Veterinary Officer stating that the semen has been derived from a semen production centre licensed under State Legislation and not in quarantine for any notifiable disease.

Protocol last negotiated

APRIL 1984

Health certification

The Approved Artificial Breeding Centre of origin is not under quarantine for any notifiable disease.

Special conditions

Only semen produced in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Eire or Canada may be imported into Papua New Guinea.

Bovine semen produced in UK, Eire or Canada may only be imported from Australia and must fulfil the conditions for semen produced in Australia. Such semen must also be accompanied by a certificate signed by the State/Territiry Chief Quarantine Officer (Animals) stating the country of origin of the semen and that the semen has been legally imported into Australia and has fulfilled the current quarantine requirements for semen imported into Australia.

The semen must be derived from an Approved Artificial Breeding Centre.

Transport requirements

The semen must travel on a scheduled flight or on other flights at the discretion of the PNG authorities.

Each container must be indelibly marked in such a manner as to establish the identity of the donor bull and the collection date.

Permit requirements

Applications for Import Permits must be made on the prescribed form, obtained from -

Chief Quarantine Inspector
P.O.Box 417
Konedobu PNG.

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