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Dog semen

Country: Norway

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Special conditions

Derived from "Information Concerning Import of Canine Semen to Norway" received by exporter (Jan 94).
Import Permission is required and exporters must seek advise of acceptability of consignment from importer.

Applies to semen from countries declared free of rabies.
Veterinary Certificate to state:
a. Date of semen donation
b. Dog has no signs or symptoms of infectious or contagious disease
c. During 14 days prior to semen donation serology at competent veterinary laboratory (Certificate attached) for:
i. Leptospirosis (canicola and icterihaemorrhagiae)
less than 50% agglutination at 1:30 (unvaccinated dog)
less than 50% agglutination at 1:300 (vaccinated dog)
11. Brucella canis (negative result)
d. The semen is packaged and marked to clearly identify the donor
(Semen from some countries with rabies is permissable with additional precautions)

Health certification

Australia is free from Rabies.

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