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Canada (CA)

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Importing country requirements

It is the exporters responsibility that the animal meets the import health requirements of Canada.

Information about the process required to import animals into Canada can be found on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website.

Where an importing country issues an import permit, the exporter must ensure the animal meets any requirements in the permit.

Health requirements

As required by the importing country.

There is a model veterinary certificate of health for the importation of commercial dogs less than eight months of age to Canada for ‘In Special Training Status’.

The dog(s) must be accompanied by:
  • An import permit issued by the CFIA
  • A Veterinary Certificate of Health issued by a licensed veterinarian
  • A Kennel of Origin Certificate issued by an official veterinarian, or issued by a licensed veterinarian and endorsed by an official veterinarian.

Other requirements

Transport requirements

The importing country may have specific transport requirements and you should check this.

Return to Australia

If your animal is returning to Australia, you should make yourself familiar with the Department’s requirements for importing live animals into Australia. This is important as your animal may have been exposed to diseases that do not occur in Australia.

Basis for Micor entry

Based on importing country website and information. Entry last reviewed 10 March 2022.

Latest updates

28/09/2022 - Inclusion of sample Model Veterinary Certificate of Health for the Export of Commercial Dogs Less Than Eight Months (In Special Training Status End Use).
Last updated: 31/03/2023 12:52 AMCreated: 28/05/2015 3:16 PM