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Cattle semen

Country: Oman

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Special conditions

The source or centre of production should be accredited and approved by the Australian Veterinary Authorities.

The centre should be under direct supervision and sanitary control of an Official Veterinarian.

The centre should be under the overall supervision of the veterinary administration, which is responsible for routine visits to check the health and welfare of the animals, and the procedures and the prescribed records at the centre at least every 6 months.

Pre-export preparations

That the donor was tested within the approved period (not more than 6 months) prior to collection and certified negative for the following diseases-

Permit requirements

Director Animal Health
Ministry of Agriculture

Protocol last negotiated


Product processing

The semen for export should be stored separately in fresh liquid nitrogen in a sterilised flask at least 28 days.

Port of entry requirements

All semen must be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate issued prior to shipment and signed by a duly authorised Government Veterinary Officer stating that the semen is from an accredited centre and that it meets the requirements given above.

The health certificate have to be stamped by the Omani Embassy or Omani Consulate.

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