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Philippines (PH)

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Importing country requirements

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the animal meets the importing country requirements.

Information about the process required to import animals into the Republic of the Philippines is available from the Embassy of the Philippines.

An import permit is required and is available from: 

National Veterinary Quarantine Services (NVQS)
Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
Visayas Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City
920-0816, 925-4343

An application form is available on the Embassy website. The Philippines authority has indicated that applications for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance (SPSIC) should be made by the client-applicant online at InterCommerce Network Services (INS), the authorised service provider.

Where an importing country issues an import permit, the exporter must ensure the animal meets any requirements in the permit

Health requirements

Health certification

As importing country health requirements may change without advice to the Department you should check the import permit and/or the country's website carefully at the time of preparation for export. 

A valid health certificate from the country of origin will be required. Any requirements on the import permit must be met.

Return to Australia

If your animal is returning to Australia, you should make yourself familiar with Australia's requirements for importing live animals into Australia. This is important as your animal may have been exposed to diseases that do not occur in Australia.

Basis for Micor entry

Based on importing country website and information.

Entry last reviewed 14 October 2020.

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