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Palau (PW)

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Importing country requirements

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the animal meets the importing country requirements.

An import permit is required.

Information about the process required to import animals into the Republic of Palau can be found at the Division of Biosecurity of the Bureau of Agriculture website.

Where an importing country issues an import permit, the exporter must ensure the animal meets any requirements in the permit.

Health requirements

Health certification

As included in an import permit issued in December 2015:

  1. The animals originated in an area where no case of rabies was officially reported during the last two (2) years immediately preceding shipment and that the animals were kept from birth or for six (6) months in the rabies free area prior to shipment.
  2. The animals have been effectively vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, and canine parvovirus at least one (1) month and not more than three (3) months prior to shipment and the animals have been vaccinated with an inactivated rabies virus more than thirty days prior to shipment.
  3. The animals have been effectively treated against internal and external parasites and were found to be free of external parasites three (3) days prior to shipment.

Other requirements


  1. Shipment must be accompanied by an International Animal Health Certificate.
  2. Shipment must be accompanied by a copy of the import permit and presented to quarantine officials upon arrival.
  3. Shipment may be refused entry if the requirements of the health certificate are not complied with.

Return to Australia

If your animal is returning to Australia, you should make yourself familiar with the Department’s requirements for importing live animals into Australia. This is important as your animal may have been exposed to diseases that do not occur in Australia.

Basis for Micor entry

Based on an import permit issued in December 2015 and importing country website and information. Entry last reviewed 14 May 2021.

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