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Health certificate

Health certificate – July 2014

I, _________________, an official veterinarian of the Australian Department of Agriculture, do hereby declare the following in relation to the semen for export listed in this certificate:

  1. 1. Australia is free of:
    • foot-and-mouth disease (FMD),
    • rinderpest,
    • surra, and
    • contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
  2. 2. No cases of disease caused by Schmallenberg virus have been detected or reported in Australia.
  3. 3. Bovine tuberculosis is a notifiable disease in Australia
  4. 4. The donor animals have been part of Australia's national herd for a minimum of 60 days prior to collection, with no quarantine or movement restrictions
  5. 5. Within the previous 12 months prior to collection of semen for this consignment, no cases of bovine tuberculosis have been reported in the donor animal herd, or from any group of animals susceptible to bovine tuberculosis with which the donor(s) was (were) commingled.
  6. 6. The donors showed no signs of bovine tuberculosis on the day of collection of the semen and either:
    1. 6.1. Were kept in a semen collection centre (SCC) free from bovine tuberculosis which only accepts animals from free herds; or
    2. 6.2. showed negative results to tuberculin tests carried out annually and were kept in a herd free from bovine tuberculosis
  7. 7. The semen originates from a SCC that is approved by the Government of Australia



    Registration No:

  8. 8. The donor bulls meet the standard specified in Chapter 4.6 of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Code regarding the collection, testing and processing of bovine semen. Applicable test results are recorded at the end of this certificate.
  9. 9. On the dates semen was collected, there was no clinical evidence in the SCC herd of:
    • Akabane
    • Bluetongue
    • Aino
    • Bovine ephemeral fever (BEF)
  10. 10. During the 60 days prior to the collection of semen for export to the United States, no donor sire has been corralled, pastured, or held with other animals of lesser health status or under restrictions which would make it ineligible for export to the United States.
  11. 11. Arboviruses - the donor sires either (strike out options that do not apply):
    1. 11.1. were kept in a Department of Agriculture approved SCC located in a region certified free from bluetongue, bovine ephemeral fever, Akabane, and Aino for a minimum of 60 consecutive days before commencement of, and during, collection of the semen.  The dates of residence in the semen collection centre are included in the "Attachment to Veterinary Certificate ", or;
    2. 11.2. were tested on two occasions, the first test at or near the time of collection (within 30 days prior to collection), and the second test between 30 and 180 days after collection of semen, using the following tests:
      1. 11.2.1. Akabane – negative to a serum virus neutralisation (SNT) test at 1:4 dilution
      2. 11.2.2. Bluetongue – negative to an agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test or the competitive ELISA (cELISA) test
      3. 11.2.3. Aino – negative to a SNT at 1:10 serum dilution
      4. 11.2.4. BEF – negative to a SNT at a 1:10 serum dilution
    3. 11.3. If collected on more than one occasion for this export either,
      1. 11.3.1. the donor bull was tested as described above for the first test, with all tests repeated at least every 60 days throughout the collection period, and 30-180 days after the final collection, or;
      2. 11.3.2. were tested negative for Akabane, Aino, bluetongue, and bovine ephemeral fever on blood samples collected at the start and conclusion of, and at least every 7 days (for virus isolation) or at least every 28 days (for PCR), during semen collection for this consignment.

        Dates of testing for each donor sire are recorded in the "Attachment to Veterinary Certificate"
  12. 12. Testing conducted on donor bulls and teasers, if used, are conducted at laboratories designated by the Department of Agriculture as laboratories approved to conduct the tests.



  13. 13. The semen has been collected and processed under the direct supervision of the Center Veterinarian of the approved SCC and placed in individual straws which are permanently marked with the name of the donor, his registration number and date of collection. Information regarding the markings and identity of the semen is included in the "Attachment to Veterinary Certificate"
  14. 14. Any antibiotics that were added to neat semen and extenders are listed below, and were used in accordance with combinations referenced in Chapter 4.6 of the OIE Code.
  15. 15. Prior to being used for exporting semen to the United States, the semen shipping container has been examined by the Center Veterinarian of the approved SCC and has been found to be empty of semen and any other biological material, and is either new or has been cleaned and disinfected. (strike out option that does not apply)
  16. 16. The semen was maintained under lock and key or in the custody of the Center Veterinarian of the approved SCC until it was placed in the shipping container and sealed with Government of Australia seals.
  17. 17. The final audit of semen in this consignment was performed under my supervision and the semen has been placed in a sterilized shipping container. Seal No: ########

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