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United Arab Emirates (AE)

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Importing country requirements

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the animal meets the importing country requirements.

An import permit is required.

Information on the requirements to import rabbits into the United Arab Emirates is available on the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment’s website.

Services can be accessed electronically via the website.


Refer to this and the Department’s websites for current information about importing animals (including any suspensions).

Where an importing country issues an import permit, the exporter must ensure the animal meets any requirements in the permit.

Health requirements

There are no agreed conditions for the export of rabbits to the United Arab Emirates from Australia. Exporters should confirm the importing requirements at the time of export of the animal.

The following conditions were sourced from a permit issued in October 2020:

Health certification

b. I the undersigned, ………………………………………………… , the governmental veterinarian in charge acknowledge that the live animals of the above descriptions satisfy the following conditions:

In case of rabbits:

  1. The animals were apparently examined within 48 hours prior to export and showed no symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases.

  2. The rabbits from establishment or areas where Tularemia, myxomatosis, haemorrhagic septicemia and viral haemorrhage have not been recorded in rabbits for at least six months.

Other requirements

Transport requirements

The importing country may have specific transport requirements and you should check this.

Pre and post arrival quarantine requirements

The importing country may have specific pre and post arrival quarantine requirements and you should check this.

Return to Australia

Not all live animals are permitted to be imported into Australia. You should make yourself familiar with the Department’s requirements for importing live animals. This is important as your animal may have been exposed to diseases that do not occur in Australia.

Basis for Micor entry

Based on a permit issued in October 2020 and importing country website and information.

Entry last reviewed 16 November 2021.

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