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Turkey (TR)

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1. Preconditions for market access

1.1 Import permit

1.2 Establishment registration

1.3 Production of eggs and egg products

Production of shell eggs
Production of egg products

1.4 Labelling and packaging

1.5 Use-by date and shelf life

1.6 Documentation requirements

For eggs and egg products, use EX46.

Turkey will not accept a health certificate for animal products more that 60 days after its date of issue.

Turkish regulations state that a health certificate for a consignment may be issued a maximum of 2 days prior to dispatch of that consignment (as per the bill of lading) but not after the date of dispatch of that consignment. This means that the health certificate must be issued on the date of dispatch, or on 1 of the 2 days preceding dispatch.

1.7 Port-of-entry inspection and testing

2. Operational requirements

3. Documentation requirements

4. Import procedures

5. Packaging, labelling and shipping marks (port marks)

6. Shipping and air freight requirements

7. Additional documentation available

8. Definitions

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