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To obtain an Organic Goods Certificate, contact an approved certifying body.

All imports to the EU (including Switzerland) must have a EU Certificate of Inspection (COI) electronically submitted/ received through EU TRACES. Manual COIs are not permitted.

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Specific information

Australia has an equivalence agreement with Switzerland, under the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) Ordinance on Organic Farming of 22 September 1997 (Status as of 1 January 2019). Under the agreement, Australia is recognised for:

  • unprocessed crop products
  • processed agricultural products for use as feed (composed of essentially one or more ingredients of plant origin)
  • vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation.  

For full details refer to the Swiss document 910.181 EAER Ordinance of 22 September 1997 on Organic Farming.


Wine and yeast are not included in the agreement.


Under the Agreement, imported organic plant products are prohibited for entry to Switzerland. For example, where Australia imports a plant product certified as organic and used in further processing, the resultant product is not eligible to be exported to Switzerland.

In-conversion products

Annex 4 of the EAER Ordinance on Organics Farming, provides:

Animals and animal products produced during the conversion period shall be excluded from recognition with regard to product categories B and D for all third countries listed in this Annex.

Australia's listing is as follows:

Table 1: Product categories
Product categoriesCodeLimitations
1Wine, yeast not included
Unprocessed crop productsA ​
Processed agricultural products for use as feed1DComposed essentially of one or more ingredients of plant origin.
Vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivationF ​
Wine, yeast not included1
​ ​ 

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