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Country: Saudi Arabia (SA)
Scientific Name:  
Group: Nursery stock
End Use: Plants
NPPO Details:
Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA)
Relevant Web Addresses:

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Export Criteria

Criteria Criteria Required?
Import Permit Yes
Phytosanitary Certificate Yes
Additional Declaration/Endorsement Yes
Protocol Market No

General Requirements

​Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds, extraneous material and fungal diseases.

A copy of the import permit must be presented to an Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.

​Original and certified translation of the import permit must be presented to the Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.

Each type of plant in the consignment must be clearly identified with the correct botanical name (genus and species).

Plants must be labelled with the type and variety of plant.

​Consignments are to be packed in clean, new packages/bags not previously used for any purpose.

Plants must be bare-rooted or presented in peat moss, agricultural perlite or vermiculite.

​Non-GMO certification

If certification is required (refer to import permit/NPPO notification), the exporter is responsible for ensuring that the consignment is accompanied by a Certificate as to Condition attesting that the consignment has not been genetically modified.

If requested, a Certificate as to Condition (Grain - GX46/Horticulture - HX46) may be issued for the consignment if specifically supported from information supplied by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) and where it is a government requirement of the importing country for non-GMO certification (refer to import permit/NPPO Notification).

The following text must be added to the additional declaration field when a GX46/HX46 template is added to the RFP:

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator has advised the department that there has been no intentional release into the Australian environment of genetically modified product(s) listed on this certificate.

This ICR applies to the following species stated in:

List 1: Additional Declaration/Endorsements not applicable
  • Acacia spp.
  • Adansonia digitata
  • Adansonia gregorii
  • Agave spp.
  • Albizia lebbeck
  • Aloe spp.
  • Anigozanthos flavidus 
  • Atriplex spp.
  • Bauhinia spp.
  • Baumea articulata 
  • Boerhavia elegans
  • Bolboschoenus caldwellii
  • Bothriochloa bladhii
  • Bothriochloa macra
  • Brachychiton acerifolius
  • Brachychiton populneus
  • Breynia disticha
  • Breynia oblongifolia
  • Cadaba glandulosa
  • Callistemon citrinus
  • Carex appressa
  • Carex fascicularis
  • Carpobrotus acinaciformis
  • Carpobrotus edulis
  • Carpobrotus glaucescens
  • Cassia brewsteri
  • Cassia fistula
  • Cassia nodosa
  • Cenchrus ciliaris
  • Chrysocephalum apiculatum
  • Clytostoma callistegioides
  • Cordia sebestena
  • Crinum asiaticum
  • Crinum pedunculatum
  • Cycas spp.
  • Cymbopogon spp. 
  • Cyperus spp.      
  • Dianella caerulea
  • Dianella tasmanica
  • Dichanthium sericeum
  • Dietes bicolor
  • Dietes grandiflora
  • Dioon edule
  • Dioon mejiae
  • Dioon spinulosum
  • Dodonaea viscosa
  • Eleocharis equisetina
  • Eleocharis sphacelata 
  • Encephalartos ferox
  • Encephalartos gratus
  • Encephalartos hildebrandtii
  • Encephalartos kisambo
  • Encephalartos sclavoi
  • Encephalartos septentrionalis
  • Enchylaena tomentosa
  • Entolasia stricta 
  • Eragrostis barrelieri
  • Eragrostis ciliaris
  • Eragrostis pilosa
  • Erica arborea
  • Faidherbia albida
  • Ficinia nodosa 
  • Ficus microcarpa
  • Gardenia grandiflora
  • Grevillea robusta
  • Halopeplis perfoliata
  • Heteropogon contortus
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra
  • Imperata cylindrica
  • Indigofera australis
  • Indigofera spinosa
  • Jacaranda mimosifolia
  • Juncus kraussii
  • Juncus soccotranus
  • Juncus usitatus
  • Lampranthus spp.
  • Lomandra hystrix
  • Lomandra longifolia
  • Melaleuca spp. 
  • Melia azedarach
  • Mentha piperita
  • Myoporum elipticum
  • Peltophorum pterocarpum
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides
  • Pennisetum divisum
  • Phragmites australis
  • Phyla nodiflora
  • Pittosporum phylliraeoides
  • Rhagodia spinescens
  • Robinia pseudoacacia
  • Russelia equisetiformis
  • Saritaea magnifica
  • Scaevola taccada
  • Schoenoplectus validus
  • Schoenus nigricans
  • Senecio serpens
  • Senna artemisioides
  • Sesuvium portulacastrum
  • Spinifex littoreus
  • Spinifex sericeus
  • Sporobolus spicatus
  • Sporobolus virginicus
  • Stipagrostis ciliata
  • Stipagrostis plumosa
  • Suaeda australis
  • Suaeda maritima
  • Tetragonia tetragonioides
  • Teucrium oliverianum
  • Themeda australis
  • Themeda triandra 
  • Tipuana tipu
  • Vigna marina
  • Vitex rotundifolia
  • Volkameria inermis
  • Westringia fruticosa
List 2: Endorsement Code 7283 is applicable
  • Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
  • Bismarckia nobilis 
  • Borassus flabellifer 
  • Chrysalidocarpus lutescens 
  • Copernicia alba
  • Livistona decipiens
  • Livistona mariae
  • Livistona nitida
  • Phoenix canariensis
  • Phoenix reclinata
  • Pritchardia martii
  • Ravenala madagascariensis
  • Rhapis excelsa 


Additional Declaration/Endorsements

​Option 1 (EXDOC Endorsement 7283)

1) The plants have been grown for a minimum of two (2) years preceding their removal in an area identified as free from the Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) or in a site where appropriate precautionary measures have been taken against this pest.

2) The plants have been inspected at least thirty (30) days and fourteen (14) days before shipment, and the plants were free from the Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) and Green Pit Scale (Palmaspis phoenicis). 


Import permit dated 4 September 2022.

Latest updates

25/11/2022 - New endorsement 7283 created. Additional products added to ICR list. Updated general requirements. Updated Import Permit date.
14/10/2022 - Melaleuca spp & Pittosporum phylliraeoides added to ICR list.
20/09/2022 - Additional products added to the ICR list.
29/08/2022 - Additional products added to the ICR list.
28/07/2022 - Additional product added to the ICR list.
11/07/2022 - Additional product added to ICR list.
06/07/2022 - Updated general requirements to include new non-GMO requirements and new ICR species - Cycas spp.
11/04/2022 - Updated general requirements to include new ICR species - Halopeplis perfoliata.
11/04/2022 - Updated ICR list to include new species.
28/02/2022 - New case created based on NPPO requirements.

Initial Uploaded: 28/02/2022
Reviewed Uploaded: 25/11/2022