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Archontophoenix alexandrae

Country: Papua New Guinea (PG)
Scientific Name:  
Group: Nursery stock
End Use: Plants
NPPO Details:
National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA)

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Export Criteria

Criteria Criteria Required?
Import Permit Yes
Phytosanitary Certificate Yes
Additional Declaration/Endorsement No
Protocol Market  

General Requirements

​Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds and extraneous material, including compost and other unprocessed organic matter.

A copy of the import permit must be presented to an Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.

Plants must be sourced from a reputable nursery.


Consignments are to be treated either by:
  • Immersing the consignment in a solution of fungicide (0.3%  Thiram OR 0.3% Captan) and an insecticide (0.1% Malathion or 0.1% Carbaryl) with 1% white oil;


  • Fumigated with methyl bromide at 32 grm/m3 for 2 hours at 21 degrees Celsius.

The exporter is to provide evidence attesting to the treatment and present it to the Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.
​Details of treatment to be endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate in the treatment section.

A copy of the treatment certificate must be affixed to the consignment.​

Additional Declaration/Endorsements


NPPO advice dated 10 May 2017

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