Manual of Importing
Country Requirements

Requirements set by Australia's agricultural export trading partners

This website sets out the known requirements that exporters and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Department) must meet for products and commodities to be accepted for import into specific overseas countries.

Exporters must meet requirements for products and commodities to be accepted for import into specific overseas countries.

Exporters must also comply with the Export Control Act and associated Rules when exporting commodities from Australia.

For information on how to export from Australia, visit Exporting from Australia.

Certification alert – Avian Influenza (updated 12 August 2021)

In February this year, Australia regained its previous animal health status for avian influenza. The Department is currently reviewing affected health certification for avian and ratite products and assessing whether certification can be reinstated. The Department is actively approaching overseas government authorities to request the removal of trade restrictions imposed due to the outbreak.

Exporters should be aware of these considerations.

For current information, refer to the following commodity-specific alerts:

  • Meat, Live animals, Non-prescribed goods - see Meat (requires login)
  • Eggs

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Includes fresh meat, processed meat, and animal by-products such as skins, hides, petfood, rendered products and technical products

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Includes milk, milk powder products, butter, cream, cheese and other processed dairy products

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Includes fruit, vegetables, nursery stock, cut flowers and foliage, seeds, grains, stockfeed and timber

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Includes finfish, other seafood such as bivalves, crustaceans, echinoderms, gastropods, cephalopods, tunicates and crocodile meat

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Live animals

Includes livestock, companion animals, horses, zoo animals, birds, hatching eggs, fish, bees and other invertebrates, and reproductive material

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Includes shell eggs and egg products

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Non-prescribed goods

Includes honey and bee by-products, and processed foods

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Includes organics equivalence arrangements