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Non-prescribed goods


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General conditions

1. General conditions for edible non-prescribed goods

1.1. Prohibited

The Department is unaware of any prohibited edible non-prescribed goods that are for export to Bahrain.

1.2. Conditions

Bahrain is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which has published a Guide for control on imported foods (PDF 1.7 MB). This guide sets requirements, including certification, for all edible products imported into Bahrain.

2. General conditions for inedible non-prescribed goods

2.1 Prohibited

Unless specified with in the commodity list below, the Department is unaware of any specific requirement for inedible non-prescribed goods that are for export to Bahrain.

2.2 Conditions

Compliance with relevant Australian domestic requirements. The Department is unaware of any certification requirements for export to Bahrain.

Specific goods

Apiculture products

1. Preconditions for market access

2. Documentation requirements

2.1 Government certification

For edible apiculture products, use an EX188B certificate (NEXDOC only) with endorsement 602.

NEXDOC endorsement 602

The product is fit for human consumption, in accordance with the hygiene requirements of the GCC. The product(s) was handled in accordance with GCC requirements, at an establishment subjected to inspections by the officially recognised body and implements a food safety system based on HACCP principles or an equivalent system.

The following document provides instructions on how to complete certificate template number EX188B (within the Next Export Documentation system (NEXDOC) Portal):

2.2 Supporting documents and exporter declarations

The exporter must attach supporting documentation (e.g. Exporters Declaration, Manufacturer’s Declaration and/or HACCP Certificate) to the NEXDOC Request for Export (REX) to demonstrate the consignment’s compliance with the endorsement 602.

3. Other requirements

4. Exemptions granted by importing country

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28/10/2022 - New information on edible apiculture products.
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