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Non-prescribed goods


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General conditions

1. General conditions for edible non-prescribed goods

1.1. Prohibited

Unless specified within the commodity list below, the Department is unaware of any specific requirement for edible non-prescribed goods that are for export to Indonesia.

1.2. Conditions

Compliance with relevant Australian domestic requirements.

The appendix to Ministry of Trade (MoT) No 44 Year 2019, provides a list of products subject to import regulation. Juice and certain processed horticulture products not appearing on the list are not subject to import regulation by MoT, therefore export certification may not be required.

According to Indonesia's National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) regulation, imported processed products, such as juice, must complete a product registration with BPOM. In addition, the products should be accompanied by a good processed-food production practice certificate that could be proven by Good Management Practice Certificate/ HACCP/ ISO-22000/ PMR or similar certificates.

Following is a list of administrative requirements for new registrants for imported processed horticulture products:

  1. Importer registration number
  2. Audit results of distribution facilities
  3. GMP Certificate/ HACCP/ ISO 22000/ PMR Charter/ similar certificate issued by authorised/ accredited institution and/ or audit results from the local government.
  4. Company Establishment Notary Deed
  5. Letter of Appointment from an overseas company
  6. Certificate of free sale (BPOM recognises certificates of free sale issued by the Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
  7. Power of attorney to register processed food

Supporting documents:

  1. Brand Certificate (if the label includes the ® or ™ logo)
  2. Product Certificate for the Use of the Indonesian National Standard Mark (SPPT SNI) for mandatory SNI products or for products that bear SNI mark on the label.
  3. Organic Certificate (if the label includes the organic logo)
  4. Information on Genetic Engineering/ GMO for raw materials including potatoes, soybeans, corn, tomatoes, and sugar cane
  5. Food Irradiation Information (if processed by irradiation)
  6. Halal Certificate (if the label includes Halal information)
  7. Other supporting data

2. General conditions for inedible non-prescribed goods

2.1 Prohibited

The Department is not aware of any prohibited inedible non-prescribed goods, including inedible apiculture products to Indonesia.

2.2 Conditions

Compliance with relevant Australian domestic requirements. The Department is unaware of any certification requirements for inedible non-prescribed goods to Indonesia.

Specific goods

Apiculture products

1. Preconditions for market access

2. Documentation requirements

2.1 Government certification

For honey and other edible apiculture products, use a version of EX188B with the endorsements:

Fit for human consumption
The product is permitted to be distributed in Australia

3. Other requirements

4. Exemptions granted by Indonesia

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