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Cattle semen

Country: Zimbabwe

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Special conditions

  1. The donor bull must be maintained in an Approved Artificial Breeding Centre under government control.

Protocol last negotiated


Health certification

  1. Australia is free from:
    • bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)
    • foot and mouth disease and vaccination against foot and mouth disease is prohibited.
  2. All of the animals in the Approved Artificial Breeding Centre including the donor bull are recognised to be free of:
    • tuberculosis
    • brucellosis
    • leptospirosis
    • trichomoniasis
    • campylobacteriosis

    and the animals have been subjected to approved tests for these diseases with negative results.

  3. The donor bull originated from herd which is certified free from Johne's disease; or where no clinical, cultural or pathological evidence of Johne's disease occured in the herd of origin for the 3 years period before the bull entered the AI centre.
  4. The donor bull is certified free of enzootic bovine leukosis.
  5. 5. The donor animals:

    a) showed no clinical sign of IBR/IPV on the day of collection;

    b) come from an establishment or A.I. Centre which is clinically healthy, were subjected regularly and at least once a year to the sero-neutralisation test for IBR/IPV with a negative result, the last test being carried out during the 30 days prior to collection;

    c) representative samples of semen showed a negative result at time of semen collection to test for IBR/IPV by tissue culture methods.

  6. At the time of collection of the semen the bull was healthy and free from disease.
  7. A period of 30 days has elapsed since the semen was collected and during this period the donor bull has remained free from infectious and contagious disease.
  8. No outbreak of foot and mouth disease has occured at the AI centre or within a redius of 100km during the three months immediately prior to the collection of the semen.
  9. The animals from which the semen was obtained originate from a country where the feeding of protein products derived from ruminants over 6 months of age to cattle has been banned.
  10. The animal from which the semen was obtained derived from bulls which:

    a) were born after the institution of the ruminant feed ban;

    b) are not affected with BSE;

    c) are not the sons of BSE affected females;

    d) were not suspected of being affected with BSE at the time of semen collection.

Pre-export preparations

  1. The donor animals were tested negative for IBR/IPV by sero neutralisation test, the test being carried out durring the 30 days prior to export collection;


    Representative samples of the semen were tested for IBR/IPV by tissue culture methods with negative results at the time ofcollection.

  2. The donor bull was subject to serological test for enzootic bovine leukosis.

Permit requirements

Obtainable from:

Department of Veterinary Services
Ministry of Land, Agriculture and Water Development
PO Box CY 66

Port of entry requirements

The Import Permit includes a proforma Health certificate.

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