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Cattle semen

Country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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Special conditions

1. The semen distribution centre (artificial insemination centre) must
   be periodically supervised and directed by the exporting country’s
   veterinary agency.

2. Each ampule or straw containing semen to be exported shall be
   printed with species, age, collection date, and the registered name
   and number of donor bull.

Health certificate

The veterinary agency of the exporting country shall issue a health certificate
specifying the following:

1. Date of collection ______________________________________________

2. Number of ampules/straws and volume of each _____________________

3. Method and degree of dilution ___________________________________

4. Name and address of artificial insemination centre




5. Name and address of donor bull or donor bull’s owner




Statements certifying items 1,2,3,4 and 5 above.

Pre-export preparations

1. The donor bull shall be tested for the following diseases with
   negative results within 6 months prior to semen collection for

   - Brucellosis - Serum agglutination test: negative at 1/60 or

   - Leptospirosis - Agglutination-Lysis test: less than 50% at 1:100

   - Campylobacteriosis - Bacteriological culture test of preputial
     cavity washings: negative.

   - Enzootic bovine leucosis - AGID test or ELISA test: negative.

   - Tuberculosis, Johne’s disease, Bluetongue, Vesicular stomatitis,
     BVD - No clinical evidence of these diseases during examination


     Negative results to the test approved by the exporting country.

   - IBR - no clinical evidence and negative results to the serological
     test (serum neutralisation test or ELISA test)


   - In the case of no clinical evidence but positive results to the
     serological tst, negative results to the culture test of an
     aliquot of semen.

2. The tests shall be carried out by the government veterinary agency of
   the exporting country.
3. The semen to be exported shall be treated in such a way that none of
   the procedures, including dilution material, will cause contamination
   with any agents causing infectious diseases of domestic animals.

Health certification

1. Australia is free from:

- foot-and-mouth disease
- rinderpest
- contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
- African swine fever
- Teschen disease.

The donor bull's from which semen was collected for export have not
been vaccinated against the above diseases.

2. The donor bull and other artiodactylous animals with the donor bull
in the same herd shall have been found healthy and free from the
following diseases:

- The donor bull's for this shipment showed no evidence of BSE at the
time of collection of the semen. Neither the donors nor their
parents have been in a herd, or have had direct contact with cattle
that have been in a herd, where BSE has occurred within 5 years of
the date of collection of the semen for export.

- Brucellosis
- Tuberculosis
- John's disease
- Leptospirosis
- Bluetongue
- Vesicular stomatitis
- Campylobacteriosis
- Trichomoniasis
- Enzootic bovine leucosis.

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