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Allium spp seed

Country: United States of America (US)
Scientific Name:  
Group: Grains / Seeds
End Use: Sowing
NPPO Details:
Plant Protection and Quarantine, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)  
Relevant Web Addresses:

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Export Criteria

Criteria Criteria Required?
Import Permit No
Phytosanitary Certificate Yes
Additional Declaration/Endorsement No
Protocol Market No

General Requirements

Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds and extraneous material.

Exporters are to ensure that each seed container is to be labelled with the genus and species of the seed it contains within. For container holding more than one species are to be labelled separately.

United States of America may not allow entry of consignment wrapped, coated, dipped or sprayed or packaged in plastic or other impermeable material that prevent adequate inspection or treatment.

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the phytosanitary certificate is issued not more than 15 days prior to the consignment being exported from Australia. 

Seed consignments intended to be re-exported back to Australia after coating and/or taping:

For seed to be re-exported back to Australia after coating/taping, the seed lot number/s must be entered in the "lot number" field of the EXDOC Request for Permit (RFP)". 

Seed Lot number are to be endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate in the lot number field for traceability.

Some seeds require mandatory import permit before imported into Australia. Exporters must contact Plant Import Operations ( before importing seeds back into Australia. 

  • The MICoR case was created to facilitate trade based on available information. Exporters are encouraged to confirm the import requirements in case these may have changed without a formal notification to Australia.
  • Seed lot number is not required for seeds that will not be re-exported back to Australia after coating or taping.


Additional Declaration/Endorsements


​NPPO Regulations verified on 23 April 2020 and 26 May 2022.

Latest updates

26/05/2022 - Added a statement in the General Requirements section regarding the USA's requirement for the timing of issuance of the phytosanitary certificate.

Initial Uploaded: 23/04/2020
Reviewed Uploaded: 27/05/2022