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Country: Singapore (SG)
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End Use: Logs
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Plant Science & Health Branch Animal & Plant Health Centre
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Export Criteria

Criteria Criteria Required?
Import Permit No
Phytosanitary Certificate Refer below
Additional Declaration/Endorsement No
Protocol Market No

General Requirements

Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds and extraneous material.

Permitted entry without an accompanying Phytosanitary certificate.

  • For consignments to be re-exported from Singapore, a phytosanitary certificate can be issued. If required, the goods become prescribed and require an inspection by an Authorised Officer and issuance of an export permit. The exporter is responsible for verifying final destination requirements prior to export. 

For consignments being issued a phytosanitary certificate the below conditions apply:

The Export Control Act 2020 and the Export Control (Wood and Woodchips) Rules 2021, require an export licence issued by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for any exports of two tonnes or more of:
  • woodchips;
  • wood in the round (i.e. logs);
  • wood with a cross sectional area of at least 225 square centimetres
These are considered ‘prescribed goods’ under the Export Control (Wood and Woodchips) Rules 2021. 

A licence is not required for the above listed wood and woodchips if:

If an export licence is required, it is the responsibility of exporters to obtain a licence to export prescribed wood or woodchips prior to export.

Exporters can find information on how to obtain an export licence for prescribed wood or woodchips on the departments website -

Any enquires on what is classed as prescribed wood or woodchips should be directed to:, or call (02) 6272 4353.

The only responsibility authorised officers have in relation to the export licences for unprocessed wood is to inform unprocessed wood exporters of the possible requirement to hold a licence to export unprocessed wood.


​​If treatment is required by final destination for timber to be re-exported it can be endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate. Evidence must be presented to the Authorised Officer at the time of inspection stating final destination treatment requirements and evidence attesting to the treatment.

​Details of treatment to be endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate in the treatment section.

Additional Declaration/Endorsements


Import Conditions Determined by the Grain and Seed Exports Program based on available information on 25 February 2021.

Latest updates

08/11/2021 - Updated general requirements due to legislation changes.

Initial Uploaded: 25/02/2021
Reviewed Uploaded: 15/05/2022