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Country: Papua New Guinea (PG)
Scientific Name: Hordeum vulgare
End Use: Stockfeed
NPPO Details:
National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA)

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Export Criteria

Criteria Criteria Required?
Import Permit Yes
Phytosanitary Certificate Yes
Additional Declaration/Endorsement Yes
Protocol Market  

General Requirements

Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds and extraneous material, including pods, moulds, cereal refuse and insects at any stage of development (including eggs), especially cattle tick (Boophilus microplus), Trogoderma species and Red imported fire ant (Solonopsis invicta).

A copy of the import permit must be presented to an Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.

Consignments must be accompanied with a certificate of treatment and container cleanliness.

If requested by the exporter, the following certification may be issued to certify container cleanliness prior to loading:

  • Container Inspection Certificate (EXDOC template GL2) - for bulk containerised grain exports;


  • Sack and Container Inspection Certificate (EXDOC template GL3) - for bagged containerised grain exports.


The product must be fumigated with:

  • Phosphine at 2grm/m3 for seven (7) days at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius;


  • Phosphine at 2grm/m3 for ten (10) days at temperatures between 15 - 25 degrees Celsius;


  • Methyl bromide at 32 grm/m3 for 24 hours at 21 degree Celsius or above.

For bulk consignments the ship's holds or containers must be sanitised with a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide prior to loading.

The exporter is to provide evidence attesting to the treatment and present it to the Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.

​Details of treatment to be endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate in the treatment section.

Additional Declaration/Endorsements

Option 1 (EXDOC Endorsement 926)
1) A representative sample was inspected and found free of Trogoderma beetles (Trogoderma spp), Cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) and Red imported fire ants (Solonopsis invicta).


​Import permit dated 18 October 2017.

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