How can I see all the entries for a country?

  • When you select a country from the meat opening page, you are presented with a table of contents. If you are familiar with the table of contents, and know the location of the topic you are interested in, clicking on the relevant section of the table of contents is the quickest way to retrieve the information.
  • To see all the entries for a country, click on the hyperlink 'Show details', which is just below the country name. This will expand the page to show all the entries for that country. This is not instantaneous, and the time taken will depend on the speed of your internet connection..   

What is MICoR?

  • MICoR is an acronym for the Manual of Importing Country Requirements. MICoR is an information system that will eventually replace the information systems on importing country requirements for export meat (Volume 2), plant products (Phyto), live animals (ANIMEX), dairy, fish and eggs.
  • MICoR is being developed as part of the Export Certification Reform Package.
  • Meat is the first commodity to use MICoR, and the experiences with meat will be used to assist the other commodities to be moved to MICoR.

Where is MICoR?

  • There are several entry points to MICoR:
    1. there is a hyperlink towards the top of the Exporting from Australia page
    2. you can type in the URL in the browser address line at the top of the browser page, http://www.daff.gov.au/micor

How does MICoR (meat) differ from Volume 2?

  • MICoR combines information on importing country requirements previously held in

    Volume 2 Essential requirements

    Volume 2 Documentation requirements

    DAFF Meat Notices

    Market Access Advices.

  • The information has been reviewed and verified so that it is up-to-date.
  • DAFF Meat Notices and Market Access Advices remain current, and MICoR refers to a number of them.
  • The information headings are different to those in Volume 2. The headings follow importing country requirements for the export process, from checking whether there is access for a product, to sourcing livestock, inspection, product labelling, certification and shipping.
  • MICoR has a new user interface. The user interface is still under development, but it is intended to make the presentation of information easier for users, and to enable better search for information within a particular country, and also across countries.

Why are some countries in Volume 2 and some countries in MICoR?

  • One hundred and sixty-two of the 168 countries that have an EXDOC meat code have been reviewed, and have been moved from Volume 2 to MICoR. All of the 168 countries are planned to be reviewed and moved by the end of October 2011, at which time the Volume 2 site will be taken down. In the meantime, Volume 2 and MICoR will run in parallel, with a decreasing number of countries in Volume 2 and an increasing number of countries in MICoR.

How do I register for a MICoR account and obtain a login?

  • To register for an account and obtain a MICoR login, open MICoR (see ‘Where is MICoR?’), select your commodity (eg Fish, or Dairy) and click on ‘Apply for access’ in the grey box towards the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Fill in the questionnaire, which includes your reason for requesting an account. DAFF staff will assess the application.
  • Registration is not instantaneous. You will receive an email within two days to say that registration for a MICoR account has been granted. You should now use the username and login password you applied for. If you do not receive an email within two days, please email exports@daff.gov.au for assistance.

What if I need to change my password or contact details?

  • Once you are logged in, click on your name located near the top of the page, next to "Logged in as". From this screen you can change your password, or update your contact details.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

  • Select "Forgot your Password?" in the Login area. Enter your username and instructions on how to assign a new password will be sent to your nominated email address.

How do I edit my account details?

  • Click on your name, (next to "Logged in as:") to edit your account details including your username, first name last name, and address.

What do I do if I have been locked out of my account?

  • If your password is entered incorrectly 3 times MICoR will lock your account. You will not be able to re-activate the account yourself, please contact DAFF at exports@daff.gov.au to have your account re-activated.

Who do I contact for help with using MICoR?

  • You can email exports@daff.gov.au for assistance.

Who do I contact in relation to importing country requirements and page content?

  • If you have a query in relation to specific importing country requirements, please email exports@daff.gov.au In your email, please specify what product and importing country you require information on.

How can I search for specific country requirements?

  • Click on ‘Tips for search’ under the search bar for hints on how to search effectively within MICoR. You can also click on ‘Advanced search’ for more specific search options.

How can I receive updates on content?

  • Click on ‘Subscribe for updates’, which is under the search bar at the top of the opening page. This facility is not yet fully operational, but when it is fully operational, subscribers can set up a RSS feed reader such as Outlook. The RSS feed displays MICoR entries that have changed, and information on what the change is.

What will happen to Volume 2?

  • When all 168 countries have been reviewed and moved to MICoR, Volume 2 will be taken down.

I have a printed copy of Volume 2 that I am familiar with. Can I just use that?

  • Absolutely not. If a country has been moved from Volume 2 to MICoR, you should not use any printed country information from Volume 2 that you might have, because the information is out-of-date and is no longer valid.
  • All the Volume 2 content that is now in MICoR has been reviewed. Some of the information is identical, but a lot has changed.
  • If a country has been moved from Volume 2 to MICoR, users should check the information in MICoR, particularly if they are very familiar with the information in Volume 2, because the information may have changed.

How can I find out if an importing country accepts meat and inedible products from domestic establishments?

  • Approximately 25 importing countries accept meat exports from slaughter establishments that are export-registered and state-regulated, and in which there is no AQIS presence. MICoR uses this description rather than ‘domestic export establishments’ or ‘Tier 1 establishments’, because it is descriptive and accurate.
  • Section 3.2 of MICoR, titled ‘Antemortem inspection, slaughter and postmortem inspection’, states whether an importing country requires that AQIS supervise operations in the establishment, or whether the establishment may be state-regulated. Typing ‘state-regulated’ in the search box towards the top of the screen will display all the countries that have the phrase ‘state-regulated’ in section 3.2. It will be necessary to scroll though several screens (‘Next 10’) to display them all.
  • Entering the search word ‘domestic’ will display countries that accept casings, and inedible products sourced from domestic establishments, i.e. establishments that are not export-registered.