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1. Preconditions for market access

1.1 Import permit

1.2 Establishment registration

1.3 Production of eggs and egg products

Production of shell eggs
Production of egg products

1.4 Labelling and packaging

1.5 Use-by date and shelf life

1.6 Documentation requirements

Table eggs

For table eggs, use EX46EG (Electronic) or EX46 (Manual) with endorsement 5326.

Egg products

For egg products, use EX46EG with endorsement 5327.

EX46 embedded endorsement

I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge the conditions or restrictions applicable under the particular inspection system prescribed under the Export Control Act have been complied with in respect of the prescribed goods described above, being goods that are:

  1. In sound condition
  2. Fit for human consumption
  3. Of Australian origin
Additional endorsement 5326

The eggs described above have been disinfected in accordance with O.I.E. standards, are correctly identified, and are shipped in clean and unused packages.

Additional endorsement 5327

The egg products described above come from eggs that were sterilised by conventional heat treatment regimens during the manufacturing process.

1.7 Port-of-entry inspection and testing

2. Operational requirements

3. Documentation requirements

4. Import procedures

5. Packaging, labelling and shipping marks (port marks)

6. Shipping and air freight requirements

7. Additional documentation available

8. Definitions

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